Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nicholas III, Loyola University Maryland's mascot, retires

So Nicholas III, Loyola's Greyhound, has officially retired. I've been wanting to see Nicholas III on campus but I've never gotten the chance to. I guess I'm always at the wrong place. Regardless...I think I still love that Greyhound because according to the (link pasted below), Nicholas III's favorite sport is......LACROSSE! One of my favorite sports! Father Nash, who is supposed to be speaking to my First Year Experience class in a couple of weeks, would have brought his loyal sidekick with him. Another one of our mascot's hobbies is poetry...another reason as to why our (former) mascot embodies me (in well, animal form). Maybe it's extra freshman school spirit but I'm a little sadness is dawning upon me because our adopted greyhound, whom I wish I would've met, is super friendly and loves Loyola. Also mentioned in the article (link pasted below) is Fr. Nash's uncertainty whether Loyola will adopt another greyhound. I hope we do and I hope I get to meet this one!

                                                                   Photo taken from link pasted below.

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