Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What? I shouldn't eat these?

According to a CNN article, foods that we shouldn't be consuming are raw milk, raw sprouts, and raw oysters. To find out what's wrong with your favorite, look below.

Raw Milk

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Raw milk, or unpasteurized milk, could have made been exposed to "cow feces or bacteria living on the skin of cows." It can also be exposed to "an infection of the cow's udder, or from dirty equipment." When milk "pasteurized," most bacteria is removed through the "special heating process" of pasteurization.

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Raw Sprouts

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"Raw or lightly cooked sprouts" aren't what you want to be consuming. To insure that you're eating thoroughly "cooked sprouts," heat them pretty well if you're eating them at home or if you're eating out, ask for sprouts to be removed from your meal.

To read more on why you should be careful before you sprinkle alfalfa on your salad, visit

And, finally...for the seafood lovers (I hope I remember to share this one with my parents)

Raw Oysters

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The "unsafe" raw oysters mentioned in the CNN article are the ones from the Gulf of Mexico. Because the "waters in the Gulf are warmer than those in the Pacific Northwest," a "bacterium called Vibrio vulnificus" becomes more popular in oysters from the Gulf.

To read more on raw milk's harmfulness, visit

Now, who still feels like eating? Do they put sprouts in egg rolls...I hope not because that's what I had for lunch.

Happy (and safe) munching! :-)

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